In Pieces

I recently had a chance to see IN PIECES – a multimedia collaboration between LEGO® sculptor Nathan Sawaya and photographer Dean West – that is showing at the Franklin Institute, as part of “The Art of the Brick.”

At first look nothing seems out of the ordinary, until you notice some detail about the picture that is not like the rest, but made out of LEGO®.

The images have been constructed by combining West’s modern photography techniques and Sawaya’s unique sculptures made out of LEGO®. Key to the series narrative and aesthetic Sawaya’s sculptures are much like the construction of a digital photograph. Thousands of bricks are glued together to form recognizable objects much like the assembly of pixels in a digital image. The similarities in technology not only help shape the aesthetic of IN PIECES, they are key to deconstructing each tableau composition.

For more images visit their website In Pieces

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