Blindfolded – or – The Unique Connection

Pandora Jewelry released The Unique Collection along with a two-minute spot by Danish agency Malling Publications, in which a group of blindfolded children are supposed to pick out their mothers based on their unique features. The video tries to prove that all women are unique, whether they’re a mom or not, just like Pandora’s jewelry.

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25 Years Photoshop

Last week Photoshop, Adobe’s photo editing software, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the release of it’s first version. The program is a standard in the design industry and “Photoshop” has come to be synonymous with image manipulation. (Photoshop, the verb, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary back in 2006.)

To celebrate the tool that has helped shape creativity, artists from all over the world contributed their most amazing dreams—and their working files with layers for the following video Adobe put together:

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Creativity & Boredom

We all had that moment in the shower, when something we had pondered finally clicks. It’s the wandering of the mind that let’s our brain take a different look at a problem. But as many have noticed lately, in the age of connectivity, we hardly have time any more to be bored.

The Atlantic’s Dr. James Hamblin explores the link between creativity and boredom in another installment of his off-beat perspectives on health topics in the IF OUR BODIES COULD TALK series.

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The End is Near

… for the year 2014 that is, and ready or not, Google just launched it’s annual “Year in Rewind” video, celebrating the moments, memes, and people that made 2014. Check it out for yourself:

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If You’re Happy

December is in full swing and the holidays are definitely upon us. Which of course means food. Lots and lots of it.

Last week we looked the vast amounts of food we consume on an annual basis for thanksgiving, so its only fitting (pun intended) that Weight Watchers launched a new ad, letting people know they are here to help.

While the video doesn’t focus on holiday eating, but rather the fact that we eat no matter what our emotional state – happy, sad, mad – it once again shows the trend that everything happens earlier these days.

Those ads usually appeared just before new years, tapping into the “resolutionary” crowd.

On the other hand it may just be a gentle reminder not to go overboard in the first place.

Either way – it was well done. Take a look for yourself:

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Lichtgrenze / Border of Light

This Sunday, November 9th, marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. To celebrate the momentous occasion, a spectacular light installation will follow the route of the former wall.

From November 7th until the 9th approximately 9.5 miles of the former border, that once divided the city of Berlin, will be re-imagined in light with thousands of illuminated balloons.

The idea was conceived by the brothers Christopher and Marc Bauder and was supported by the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft e.V. and developed with the help of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH.

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Halloween is just around the corner and IKEA Singapore brings us a remake of Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, The Shining.

IKEA Singapore was also behind the bookbook™.

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IKEA, the Swedish furniture company, launched its latest catalog – aka “bookbook™” – with a video that highlights it’s technical aspects, such as thousands of home furnishing ideas pre-installed, eternal battery life and no-lag page loads, while taking an amusing stab at Apple’s product videos.

Check it out for yourself:

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Soccer Fever

The world has been enjoying a bout of soccer fever with the 20th FIFA World Cup taking place in Brazil. Germany and it’s many soccer fans are elated to have made it to the finals, where they German National Team will play against Argentina. My whole family has been glued to the TV and we will all be watching the final match together.

This video pretty much sums up how Germany feels about the outcome:

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A video-poem about taking a break from social media and electronic devices has become a viral hit…

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