“ABC Design” Reunion

"ABC Design" Reunion

…happened in the Poconos. Nice to spend some quality time with these ladies who once shared the design path with me.

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Pumpkin Spice Economy 101


With Labor Day behind us and September in full swing, the next thing to look forward to is fall with its crisp air and smell of falling leaves. While the weather outside might feel anything but autumn, retailers are trying to cash in on an ever growing fall tradition as early as possible … pumpkin spice anything.

According to Forbes the “Pumpkin Spice Economy” generates approximately $500 Million sales a season, with pumpkin flavored items having increased by 21% since 2012. Starbucks launched it’s iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte back in 2003 and these days we have seen anything from pumpkin spiced yogurt to cereal, even beer as early as August.

So if pumpkin spice is your cup of joe – savor the flavor during the brief time we get to enjoy this favorite season of the year, soon there will be holiday jingles playing throughout stores beckoning for your purchasing power.

Image by StarbucksNews via Twitter

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Give Bl _ _ d / #MissingType

In their #MissingType campaign, London-based PR company Engine Group and NHS Blood & Transplant, tried to get people’s attention by eliminating the letters A, B and O from public landmarks and participating brands across the globe.


Image by Sydney Opera House via Instagram


Image by Iamsterdam via Twitter


Image by Marmite via Twitter

The (missing) letters – A, B and O – are used to identify the main blood types. The campaign hoped to reverse a decline in new donors and encourage blood donations to meet the need for blood in the future.

According to an article on NPR the NHS said: “The shortage of new donors is a worldwide phenomenon… A survey of blood services participating in the Missing Type campaign found the number of first-time donors per year had dropped more than 27 percent between 2005 and 2015.”

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Street Art: Mini Cityscapes

It’s been a while since we came across any interesting pieces of public or street art, so it was a nice surprise when we were introduced to Evol.

Using a layered stencil technique, the Berlin based street artist creates small cityscapes using everyday objects and transforms them into the outside of dull apartment buildings or Plattenbauten, reminiscent of the old East German housing projects, complete with balconies and satellite dishes, beckoning you to take another look.


Lüneburg Interventions – 2009 – Lüneburg, Germany | © EVOL


Hilversum Interventions – 2011 – Hilversum, The Netherlands | © EVOL


Blocked Delivery – 2014 – Mixed Media – “Language of the Wall” exhibition – Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey | © EVOL


Blast from the Past – 2015 – Cardboard | © EVOL

More at evoltaste.com

Images via evoltaste.com

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Fly By Night


This weekends we went to New York City to see artist Duke Riley’s largest public art project to date – Fly By Night. Presented by the nonprofit arts organization Creative Time at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a massive flock of 2,000 pigeons (fitted with tiny LED lights) illuminated the night sky above the East River, as Riley paid tribute to the largely forgotten culture of pigeon keeping.

 Duke Riley’s Fly By Night

Images via Byron Smith for The New York Times (Night Sky) & Creative Time (Birds)

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In honor of Mother’s Day, JetBlue gave passengers on a recent flight from JFK to Long Beach a reason to smile every time a baby cried.

An announcement was made at the beginning of the cross-country flight, that travelers would receive a 25% discount off their next ticket purchase every time a baby cried. In the end passengers applauded the babies who helped them get a free ticket.

Not designed to increase sales, but rather to create more compassion among travelers, JetBlue spokesman Morgan Johnston said, “We’re hoping to inspire … conversation and know that while it may be tough for you to sit next to a crying kid, we hope you can think about the stress that parent is going through,” he said. “And maybe we can be a little bit more supportive of moms.”

Another airline made passengers very happy for a different holiday.

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Tiny Objects – A (Pantone) Book

Inka Mathew’s just released a book that features miniature objects photographed with their matching PANTONE color chips. The project was originally showcased on her Tumblr and via Instagram, which juxtapositions small objects with their coordinating PANTONE color, and described as “A personal project of tiny proportion—matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® Matching System colors…”

Below are some favorites:


Images via Inka Mathew / Green Ink Studios

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Even Shakespeare Get’s Judged By It’s Cover


Image via New York Times / Mount Stuart

Earlier this month it was announced that a rare First Folio of Shakespeare’s works was discovered at Mount Stuart on the Scottish Isle of Bute.

Initially historian Emma Smith, a professor of Shakespeare Studies at Oxford University, was skeptical of the discovery, especially in the year that marks the 400th anniversary of the great bard’s death.

Having had a chance to examine and authenticate the Bute Folio, which is bound in three separate volumes, Emma Smith told the BBC that “It’s a book we most likely now see … in a glass case, and one of the things that this copy … shows us is a time when people just really used this book, they enjoyed it, they scribbled on it, they spilt their wine on it, their pet cats jumped on it.”

The First Folio, which contains thirty six of Shakespeare’s plays, was published in 1623 and included several plays previously unpublished works, among them Macbeth, The Tempest and As You Like It.

Only 234 copies are known to exist and, while it is not for sale at the time, this copy is estimated to be worth $3.7 to $4.6 million.

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